Things you need to know about flying Collective Pitch RC helicopters

Flying collective pitch is hard, don’t expect to learn tricks in a matter of a few days, it takes up to 40 hours just to learn how to take off, hover and land gently. Imagine how much time does it takes to do some basic stuff like going around in circles, inverted or backward flying. The learning curve with collective pitch remote-controlled helicopters is tough, and it is easy to consider quitting after a while but don’t be discouraged, you will have a great time once you overcome beginners’ difficulties.

Flying CP’s is an expensive hobby, not only that helicopter itself costs a lot of money but having to replace or repair some part is inevitable, so you better be prepared to spend some extra dollars on your toy. Many people find that to be a fact after they buy it, or should we say, crash it. Before you make your purchase inform yourself a little bit about the additional costs of having a CP helicopter.

Flying CP helicopters is an amazing feeling…once you learn it off course. It takes a lot of effort and almost every possible brain cell to fly one, and you can’t think about anything else while flying it besides-flying it. It is a nice way to take your mind off your daily grind and everyday worries, so yes, spending time learning how to fly this helicopter pays off in the long run. Once you have mastered the skill and you are ready to go, don’t forget the simplest thing that there is: checking your gear. By checking your helicopter and controls before the flight you will potentially save yourself some money and nerves. Check every bolt, function, ball links, motor mount, tail hub, tail boom pin…just check everything. It will cost you 10 minutes at most, and potentially you can avoid an accident before it happens. No one said that it’s easy to have a CP helicopter for your main toy, but it is definitely worth it.