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About Helicopter World

Helicopter World was established in 1987 to provide the radio control helicopter market with high quality accessories and upgrades. Our main focus was towards direct sales to our customers. Through the end of the eighties, we had primarily focused on Hirobo, Kyosho, GMP, and Schluter helicopter upgrade parts and accessories for the existing helicopters available at the time. During the same year, Century Helicopter Products was opened under the wings of Helicopter World which then became the parent company. Much of this time was spent creating the various famous 60 size scale fuselages available today. Work started on the mechanics of Century's first helicopter kit at the start of the new decade. Combining most of the current upgrades and a new composite "stacked" side frame, the design became the Ninja Pro, Pro Master and Magnum Pro Master helicopter kits. During these years, this helicopter was ahead of its time in complexity and required intensive set-up but flew rock solid. It featured all metal components in the rotor head, washout, swashplate and tail rotor gearbox, using push-pull controls on collective and cyclic.

Helicopter World has focused all of its efforts over the years to improving the R/C helicopter industry through continued support at all levels ranging from the consumer, to the dealer and to our international distributors. We work hard to keep the quality of service provided to our customers at the very best it can be. We try to process and fill all orders and backorders as efficiently as possible, while providing excellent experienced technical support. With this in mind, we try our best can continue to maintain the satisfaction of all our customers.

Helicopter World has also implemented shopping online for those wishing to shop online via the web. We carry many parts and upgrades for most radio controlled helicopters. Our web site is secure for those wishing to shop online.


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